A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Once upon a time there was a chicken that dreamed about crowing on top of the highest dunghill in the whole land. Although crowing on top of dunghills is usually only done by roosters, it still longed to achieve this goal. Did I mention that it was an extraordinary chicken? It was a half phoenix and it had a little bit of magpie in the bloodline as well. The magpie part only made it greedy for shiny things, but the phoenix part granted it the power to rise from the ashes or more specific from its own eggs. Guide the chicken on its journey, lay eggs to prevent your death, solve tricky puzzles and most important: have fun!

Use an Xbox-Controller
Left Thumb Stick: Walk
Right Thumb Stick: Look around
A: Jump
B: Lay egg
X: Use the force
Y: Phoenix Suicide
[Esc]: Does everything


KrazyFlamingChicken.zip 39 MB
KrazyFlamingChickenMac.zip 54 MB

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